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There were many bands in the late 1960s who made significant contributions to the genre and were part of the scene. In some cases they headlined and some really quite stunning posters were made advertising their appearance.



This section is a smorgasbord of posters featuring those bands, more often as part of a bill but sometimes the headliner. The law of the Long Tail of the Internet defines that if you are looking for a New Tweedy Bothers poster then, by golly, you should be able to find it. Maybe even here!   



Some of the bands represented by these posters include:



13th Floor Elevators


Iron Butterfly


Blue Cheer


The Wailers


Chocolate Watch Band


The Peanut Butter Conspiracy


Oxford Circle


HP Lovecraft


Linn County


The Youngbloods


Loading Zone


Earth Opera


Ace of Cups


Mt. Rushmore


PH Phactor


Siegal-Schwall Band


Sopwith Camel


Sons of Champlin


Tim Buckley




and….The New Tweedy Brothers



(Pictured on orevious page, Iran Butterfly. On this page, Blue Cheer.

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