The Bahr Gallery

The Bahr Gallery, located in the charming Long Island village of Oyster Bay, is dedicated to finding good homes for the stunning psychedelic posters of the late 1960’s. We specialize in first printings, often signed, of Avalon, Fillmore, and other iconic venue posters which are highly prized by collectors and connoisseurs of the period. Most of our posters are previously authenticated and bought at auction from reliable, reputable vendors who have been in the market for many years.

Each work is carefully matted and framed with museum-quality glass and with attention to a stylistic framework that quietly enhances the art, while also letting it stand out in its brightly-colored swirling glory. About 5-10 pieces are framed and added to the Gallery each month from the owner’s substantial collection ensuring that there is almost always something new to catch your eye and probably not let go for a few minutes.



We ship framed artwork worldwide and our pieces are everywhere from Palm Springs and Hillsborough California, to Miami, South Carolina, Chicago, Stockholm, Manhattan and the Hamptons.  The Bahr Gallery collection of more than 200 framed pieces is now online and is organized by band and category here. 


If you are able to visit in person, you will find more than 60 pieces on display at any given time making The Bahr Gallery itself larger than many museum exhibits. And indeed, Bahr Gallery pieces have hung in the Nassau County Museum of Art and 11 pieces just returned from a loan to the New-York Historical Society Museum in New York City. Bahr Gallery is full of placards describing the times and the contextual background that gave birth to these works of art. Visiting the Bahr is like going to a museum and you should probably block off a minimum of 45 minutes for your visit. Many people stay for hours and you are welcome to do so as well. As guitars are meant to be played, so are these posters meant to be viewed and enjoyed – perhaps one day in your home.

While we do have operating hours (see contact page for details because the hours do change with the season), we are also quite happy to have you come by for a private visit and a walk back in time. Please contact us to arrange your visit by e-mailing or call 516-283-1967.

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