Rare and Exceptional - Band - Master - Bahr Gallery

These are the more exceptional and rare pieces but you will find some that are suprisingly affordable. Outside of a handul of super-rare late 1965 Acid-Test posters and other nearly-one-off early pieces, the Babe Ruth of the category is known as FD-26, the original 1966 Mouse and Kelley Skeleton & Roses poster for the Grateul Dead. In 2018 this poster in pristine condition sold for more than $50,000 twice at auction and in November, 2019 the high-water mark was reached with a certified mint copy selling at auction for $118,750.  We do have one of those rare first-editions available, signed by Stanley Mouse along with a 3-part video of him signing this very poster.



Our Beatles Candlestick Park poster is also exceptionally rare as supposedly only 300 were printed, it was their last concert EVER, it featured a picture of the band and was the only psychedelic Beatles concert poster. It was done by Wes Wilson, father of the psychedlic poster movement who also signed and dated this poster in 1969.



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