Grateful Dead at Boston Tea Party - 1969

Grateful Dead Poster for concerts at the Boston Tea Party, 1969. New Year's Eve poster 1969-1970 by Bob Driscoll

Robert Driscoll


Grateful Dead at the Boston Tea Party 


New Year's Shows, December 29-31, 1969


lithograph, first printing, condition Near Mint


Framed: 26 3/16" tall x 20 3/16" wide






Close-up of frame


This is an exceptionally rare poster, even more so in this condition.



The Grateful Dead turned New Year's Eve into a Bay Area institution. If you include Jerry Garcia shows and guest appearances, the Dead played 24 of 26 New Year's Eves in the San Francisco Bay Area, including every year from 1970 to 1991. The two exceptions were Boston in 1967 and the show advertised in this poster, December 31, 1969 at the Boston Tea Party.



As if being a New Years run weren’t enough to make these shows memorable, this was a powerful turning point for the band. In 1969 The Dead were still in their prime as creators of long psychedelic jams. However, these three concerts presented a fresh, roots-folk, acoustic and sometimes semi-country style of songwriting. 


From the two yet-to-be released 1970 landmark albums “Workingman’s Dead” and “American Beauty”, new acoustic songs like “Uncle John’s Band”, “High Time”, “Dire Wolf”, and “Black Peter” were performed alongside their 1969 electric mind-blowing musical explorations. It truly was the best of both worlds, and a historic time for the Dead in every respect. 



Want to listen to the New Year’s Eve show?? Click here!   



The Boston Tea Party was sort of a Fillmore East for Boston, presenting rock shows from 1967 until 1970 when it closed for the same reasons as the Fillmore’s East and west: rock acts moved into areas stadiums. Located first at 53 Berkeley Street and later across from Fenway Park, the Tea Party was owned by the same people who owned WBCN, which quickly became the top music station in Boston.

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