The Charlatans - Band - Master - Bahr Gallery

The Charlatans were an influential folk rock and psychedelic rock band that played a role in the development of the San Francisco Haight-Ashbury music scene during the 1960s. The Charlatans moved out of San Francisco to spend the summer of 1965 as the house band at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada. Their friends included Chet Helms who would later form The Family Dog and produce most of the Avalon Ballroom concerts and future Big Five poster artists Alton Kelley.


Exhibiting more pronounced jug band, country and blues influences than many bands from the same scene, the Charlatans' rebellious attitude and distinctive late 19th-century fashions - they were never out of “costume” -  exerted a strong influence on the Summer of Love in San Francisco. However, due to difficulties with various record labels, their only album, The Charlatans, wasn’t released until 1969, when their sound and style had been left behind. Charlatans drummer Dan Hicks went on to form Dan Hicks & his Hot Licks.

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