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Bob Dylan needs no introduction.



From a psychedelic poster perspective, Dylan was largely absent. From February through May 1966, Dylan toured the US and Canada, Australia and Europe, finishing quite exhausted. In July 1966 he had his famous motorcycle accident and he was not on tour again until January 1974, when rock and roll - as a big business now - hardly every used posters to advertise concerts anymore.



Therefore we are left with 1966-or-earlier posters - of which there are plenty in aggregate but very few of any particular show. These are also very straightforward (some - like Bahr Gallery - would say, boring) posters in what is known as the “Boxing Style.” These posters are generally extremely valuable - not impossible to find, but expensive.



There are a handful of what are known as “headshop posters,” the kind you would buy at a headshop or Spencer Gifts to put on your wall at home. Martin Sharp’s “Blowin’ in the Mind," is a beauty and the Milton Glaser portrait of Dylan (which was folded and included in a Best Of album), is an iconic Dylan image. But there's not a whole lot.



Generally we have or can get;


Bob on Bob NBC TV Soecial (1968)


Dylan & the Dead  (1987)


Dylan San Diego (1980)


Monmouth (NJ) University (1997)


Portland Rose Garden - with Paul Simon (1999)



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