Wes Wilson/Victor Moscoso Dual Retrospective  March 7 – August 31

The Sound, 1966, Wes Wilson

The Bahr Gallery takes a deep dive into the work of two of San Francisco’s Big Five psychedelic poster artists presenting a dual retrospective of critical early works by Wes Wilson and Victor Moscoso. The Exhibition will run from March 7 through August 31 and an Opening Reception will be held with refreshments, music and of course, the art.



Wes Wilson, considered the father of the psychedelic poster, got things started and you will see his style develop in early 1966 and mature into beautifully composed pieces surrounded by his trademark psychedelic lettering style.



Victor Moscoso, the only professionally trained of the Big Five, had to relearn everything he had ever been taught about advertising graphics to participate in the psychedelic poster revolution but once he caught on in 1967, he contributed a blizzard of eye-popping and soon to be iconic psychedelic images.



Bahr Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday 2:00-6:00 or e-mail ted@bahrgallery.com and we can set up a visit!

The Association, 1966, Wes Wilson

Otis Redding, 1966, Wes Wilson

Beardless Jerry, 1966, Wes Wilson

Flowerpot, 1967, Victor Moscoso

From the Plains of Quicksilver, 1967, Victor Moscoso

Family Dog Swirley Eyes, 1966, Victor Moscoco

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