Special Music and Woodstock Reunion - Sunday Aug 18

Join us for a very special event at the Bahr Gallery from 6-8pm featuring a Woodstock reunion (with your stories), special music from the period, wine and cheese and all surrounded by posters featuring Woodstock and the bands that made it happen!


We’ll take a break from the music mid-evening and open the microphone to your Woodstock stories!  Did you go? (do you remember!). What was your experience? Share your story with us!


[Please RSVP if you are coming to ted@bahrgallery.com so we can get a count]



Pioneer rock cello innovator, Aaron Minsky (aka Von Cello), the first cellist to perform the Star Spangled Banner - Hendrix style and composer of the first published classical arrangement of Grateful Dead songs, picked up the Woodstock vibe in 1969 and spent many summers thereafter near Bethel, NY. Join Von Cello and Gold and Platinum record producer Lisa Ratner as they play the music of bands from the era including Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, Neil Young, Traffic and the Dead.


In his early teens, Aaron Minsky spent the summer at a camp a few miles from the Woodstock Festival. Though a bit young to attend, he and his fellow campers picked up the vibe, encouraged by counselors who had attended. They lived out their own mini Woodstock which included mud-sliding, skinny dipping and tons of jamming. At the age of 13 Aaron was playing the Star Spangled Banner, Hendrix style, on guitar. In fact, it was a search for an original guitar sound that led him to the cello, making him a pioneer in the future genre known as rock cello. He called his style: “celtar” (combining cello and guitar), which is now accepted in the rock and classical worlds


Aaron Minsky composed the first classical arrangement ever approved by Ice Nine (the Grateful Dead’s publisher) titled “Dead Cello”. A Yamaha Artist,  he has given masterclasses and performances in the United States, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. His rock band “Von Cello” toured the United States and released four CDs and has performed with a wide range of artists from Mstislav Rostropovitch to David Bowie. More information:  http://www.voncello.com and http://www.youtube.com/voncello


Accompanying Von Cello on keyboards is Lisa Ratner, an RIAA certified Gold and Platinum ASCAP and EMMY award winning Producer, Audio/Video Engineer/Songwriter/Composer/Arranger/ and Multimedia Consultant. Her career has included work as a successful songwriter and composer writing and producing songs for superstar artists including Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, Sara Dash (Labelle) and Vanessa Williams, Busta Rhymes, Little Kim, Ziggy Marley, Patti Austin, Shawn Colvin, Marc Cohen, Judy Collins, Sandy Farina, Jazzy Jeff, Jazzy Joyce, Hot 97, Will Lee, Joe Lynn Turner, John Tropez, DJs Boris & Beck, and Alton Fitzgerald White (The Lion King).

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