Bahr Gallery Joins IVPDA

OYSTER BAY, N.Y. (August 10, 2023) – The Bahr Gallery, an art gallery dedicated to vintage, first-edition, psychedelic rock poster art, announced that it has been granted provisional membership in the IVPDA, the International Vintage Poster Dealer Association.



The IVPDA, a non-profit association, was founded in 1996 by a group of highly respected poster dealers from around the world. The Association was created to inform and educate the public, collectors and other buyers and to help promote the appreciation of the wide variety of vintage posters from around the globe. Association members have strict guidelines to ensure the authenticity of the posters they offer for sale and to promote ethical and fair business practices. Members have many years of professional experience and are respected throughout the arts community for their knowledge and integrity.



Membership is open to dealers, businesses or individuals that deal in original vintage posters and have a good reputation for honesty, maintaining high ethical standards, expertise and professional integrity in dealings with the public, museums and other dealers. There are 47 full members of the IVPDA with 21 of those located in the United States.



“The Bahr Gallery is the first of the dealers and auction houses dedicated to the psychedelic poster genre to become a member of the IVPDA and we plan to continue our deeply consultative, educational, and highly ethical business practices in the field. We are thrilled to become members and excited to add our expertise in this niche and hope to contribute that knowledge back to the organization,” said gallery owner Ted Bahr.



"The IVPDA is delighted to welcome The Bahr Gallery as the first of its members dedicated to the psychedelic poster genre.  As an organisation focused on educating the public and promoting the appreciation of vintage posters, we look forward to contributions from The Bahr Gallery of their expertise and knowledge in this field of poster design." said Kirill Kalinin, President of the IVPDA.



Bahr Gallery posters are displayed Museum-style in the physical art gallery in Oyster Bay NY and have hung in exhibitions at the New-York Historical Society Museum, Nassau County Museum of Art, Poster House, and the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA.  The Gallery opening in 2018 and since opening have sold more than 350 posters all across the US and in Canada, England, Scotland, and Sweden.

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