San Francisco Art Exchange

Looking for amazing rock photographs from legends like Jim Marshall, Herb Greene, Bob Seideman and Baron Wolman?  Look no further than the San Francisco Art Exchange in the heart of San Francisco near Union Square.


SFAE was founded in 1983 by Jim Hartley and Theron Kabrich.  They first began exhibiting illustration, particularly the pin-up paintings of Alberto Vargas, in 1985. With a collaboration in 1987 with the Stones' Ronnie Wood to promote his artwork, as well as having Roger Dean, famed rock album cover painter, join them in 1990, they doubled the size of their gallery to 3000 square feet. They then began to incorporate rock and Hollywood photography in the 1990's as a natural progression to expand the scope of the definition of popular iconography.


When I flew to San Francisco in 2017 to attend the Rock Poster Festival, I stopped in to the San Francisco Art Exchange and was given a full tour by Anna Hartley and then met the owners, Jim and Theron, and we exchanged stories, ideas and passions over nearly four hours. I highly recommend this gallery of amazing photographs (and alot more) and Jim and Theron and Anna and if you ever get to visit SFAE, tell them the Bahr Gallery says hi!

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