Quicksilver - Dino's Song - Monterey Pop 1967

QMS was one of the San Francisco bands - known as highly suspect by Los Angeles-based performers (and vice-versa). Moneterey Pop was conceived of and produced by Los Angeles-based John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas and their producer Lou Adler. (The Mamas and Papas has a #1 hit before they ever even played on stage together). There was signifucant animosity between the laid back SF bands and their more commercially oriented ("slick") LA counterparts and it caused much suspicion and consternation during the Festival. For example, the Grateful Dead refused to be filmed for fear of being too commercial. (oh well...)


This video is a great look at the early scene  - which featued lots of short-haired kids, crappy sound systems and barebones audio/visual effects.

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