"...it's a CAKE!!"       Ken Kesey Tripping Face at GD New Years Show 1985-86

1985 New Year's Show coverage which was broadcast nationally on the USA Network. This 10 minute clip (NSFW in that you need to use headphones becuase Kesey is screaming alot) features the annual New Year's Countdown and the unveiling of Bill Graham's grand entrance as Father Time. Once, he ziplined to the stage riding a giant joint. Another time he rode in on a giant mushroom. This time....you will just have to watch but it was considered the 20th Anniversary of the band. Father Guido Sarducci and Ken Kesey commentate and Kesey's mad ravings are Off The Charts.



There are two different You Tube videos of this event - this one, posted on June 3, 2016 features much more of the commentary.  Kesey is clearly MELTING.







"I can't see anything!!  There's total blackness...as far as I can tell....there's some kind of Chagall....around the edge of it, but pretty much blackness....there's some squiggles at the edge....but just basic blackness..."



"They're waiting for Mr. GoodTimes, Mr. New Years" - Sarducci


(then the lights really go out)



Kesey: "OH! It's dark now. It's entirely Dark!!  There's Nothing happening at all...the crowd is going MAD....and absolutely Nothing is Happening at all....."


(then when the spotlights come back on)



"There's no describing it! It makes Blake look like Charlie Schulz, folks. It's an enormous,..... shouting,..... spewing,..... gaaaaaaaa....what is it?  It's a CAKE!!  It's a representation of the USS Merrimack! It's an enourmous Perry Como!!  It stands over 40 feet tall!!     I see John Lennon over there.... and, and Wagner. Wagner himSELF! Riding, Riding Riding!!  This must have cost MILLIONS!!!   It's Franklin Roosevelt It's FDR!!! IT's FDR!!!"   "It's Sam the Eagle from The Muppets! Sam the Eagle folks. Oh look!  Eric Clapton! Eric Clapton himself!!  Then Frank Zappa! It must be Frank Zappa...


Great God who's that!??  RASPUTIN! Rasputin is here...It's FDR, Rasputin and Eric Clapton!!!



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