Velvet Underground - Vancouver

Velvet Underground - Vancouver, 1968 double postcard poster by Steve Seymour

Steve Seymour


Velvet Underground - Vancouver, 1968


First printing, lithograph, double postcard


Framed: 10" tall x 19" wide






Reverse of double postcard

frame close-up

Frame at angle


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This is a gorgeous, double-sized postcard for the Velvet Underground from 1968. Here they are playing for four nights at the Retinal Circus in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The show dates were June 27-30, 1968. The club had a different local act opening each night, with Addled Chromish running the lights every night. This is the last tour with John Cale in the band who played his last show with the Velvets on September 28. The lovely, psychedelic artwork in purple and orange is by S. Seymour, who we know to be Steve Seymour, a regular of the Vancouver psychedelic art scene.



Interestingly, despite having severed musical ties with Andy Warhol a full year earlier in the summer of 1967, the newspaper ads advertising the band as “Andy Warhol’s Velvet Underground”



Lou Reed discussed the parting with Andy Warhol as such:



“He [Andy] sat down and had a talk with me. ‘You gotta decide what you want to do. Do you want to keep just playing museums from now on and the art festivals? Or do you want to start moving into other areas? Lou, don’t you think you should think about it?’ So I thought about it, and I fired him.”

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