Rolling Stones Personality Poster

Large Rolling Stones poster from 1969

Jim Robertson, Photo by Raffaelli


Rolling Stones Personality Poster, 1969


1969 printing, lithograph, Very good minus, backed with linen


36" tall x 23 3/4" wide, unframed





Close-up of the late 1969-era Stones

Detail, bottom


This large poster highlights the Rolling Stones in the latter half 1969. The band had informed Brian Jones that he was no longer in the band he founded on June 8, 1968, and it’s Mick Taylor in the poster.  Taylor's onstage debut as a Rolling Stone, at the age of 20, was the free concert in Hyde Park, London on July 5, 1969. An estimated quarter of a million people attended for a show that turned into a tribute to Jones, who had died two days before the concert



The Visual Thing was one of many poster production and printing companies that sprung up in the late 60s to meet a near insatiable demand for posters.  Founded by Jerry Goldstein and Steve Gold in Los Angeles, Jerry was already friends with many of the "A listers" of the late sixties rock scene.  So it was no surprise when he created the LA based company which brought his iconic friends together.  He hired a team of great photographers and graphic designers such as Ted Kessel, Ron Raffaelli, Steve Paley, and Jim Robertson.



These posters were originally sold for $1.50!

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