Love is a Flower

C Myers/ C H Johansen III


Love is a Flower, Blacklight poster, 1967


1967 Printing, lithograph, Near Mint, backed with Linen


Unframed dimensions: 35" tall x 23 1/4" wide





Love is a Flower poster, 1969 Wespac poster Blacklight


Under black light


This headshop poster expressed some of the utopian sentiment powering the hippie revolution when it was believed for a while that love could change the world. Part of that world was under the influence of LSD, where one could stare and wonder at a flower or grain of sand for equal amounts of time and gain equally valuable insights. ….So they say!



Pandora, Hambly, East Totem West; these were some of the publishers of “headshop posters” during the late 1960s and early 1970s to satisfy the huge demand coming from Baby Boom teenagers who could afford this “expendable art” and didn’t mine changing up their interior scenery frequently. These posters were sold in dedicated poster stores like the Print Mint in Berkeley and San Francisco’s Postermat (or Spencer Gifts on the East Coast!) and eagerly bought up by teenagers papering their walls.

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