Cream at the Fillmore 1968

BG-109 Cream Poster 1968 by Lee Conklin at Fillmore and Winterland also featuring Big Black and Loading Zone

Lee Conklin


Cream at Fillmore & Winterland, 1968


February 29-March 3,1968


lithograph, first printing, Condition: Very Fine


Framed: 26 7/16" tall x 19 1/2" wide





Close-up of frame

Frame at angle

Detail 1  - with Lee Conklin extra signature

Detail 2

Detail 3

Detail 4

Conklin detail

Detail 5

Detail  6

Detail 7


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This is a rare and highly coveted poster featuring Cream with Eric Clapton on their last tour of the US. The dates were February 29 thru March 3, 1968 and the shows were split between the Fillmore



Auditorium and Winterland and were part of an 8-night run over 11 days spent in San Francisco a few months before the Summer of Love. Bill Graham paid them $5,000 for the two weeks and grossed $83,000 according to his autobiography. Following the run they moved to Sacramento where they play a show with the Grateful Dead. Whoa!  Cream’s third album, Wheels of Fire, was a double album featuring a studio disc and one recorded live at this set of shows!



Artist Lee Conklin's early influences were pen and ink masters Heinrich Kley and Saul Steinberg. After seeing articles featuring Wes Wilson's poster art, Conklin was inspired to visit San Francisco and show his art to Bill Graham. Conklin was soon commissioned to do posters and produced 31 original designs for the Fillmore between 1968 and 1969. Conklin rendered both graphics and calligraphy in intricate detail. What began as a personal challenge to disguise images within images and lettering soon turned into a concerted effort to turn every single letter and figure into another form, stretching the imagination to new limits. See how many hidden objects, people, and body parts you can find

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