Country Joe & The Fish Calendar - Feb 1967

Country Joe & The Fish Calendar Poster - February 1967 by Tom Weller

Tom Weller  (photo Michael Wiese)


Country Joe & The Fish Calendar - February 1967


First printing lithograph, Very Good


Framed: 30 1/8" tall x 25 1/4" wide



Close-up of frame

Frame at angle


This is the fourth in a series of monthly calendar posters created by Tom Weller to promote Country Joe and the Fish. For a time the quartet of Country Joe, Barry Melton, Weller and Manager Ed Denton called their promotional partnership, “Joyful Wisdom Enterprises” as indicated at the bottom of this poster.



In February 1967, Country Joe and the Fish entered Sierra Sound Laboratories to record their debut album, Electric Music for the Mind and Body, which was a success upon release, charting at number 39 on the Billboard 200, and remains one of the most enduring psychedelic works of the counterculture era.



Tom Weller was sort of the official artist for the band and their manager Ed Denson thought creating these calendars would be a great way of promoting the band. The model in this poster was photographed by Michael Wiese, who also photographed her (with more clothes on) for a mid-February concert by Big Brother & the Holding Company and Country Joe and the Fish at the Golden Sheaf Bakery in Berkeley

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