Captain America

1970 Captain American Psychedelic Motorcycle blacklight poster by Joe Roberts Jr.  Easy Rider poster 1970

Joe Roberts Jr.


Captain America, 1970


First printing dayglo silkscreen, Excellent


Framed: 38 1/4" tall  x 28 1/4" wide




Close-up of frame

Frame at angle


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Joe Roberts Jr. was one of the most prominent silkscreen artists in the late 1960s and early 1970s, helping to supply a seeming insatiable demand for inexpensive wild posters for Baby Boomers to paper their walls (and ceilings!) with.



His style is quite evident here, filling all of the background spaces with psychedelic doodles – perfect for stoned viewing way back when. His most famous pieces were large psychedelicized portraits of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison all done in a similar style. 



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Captain America was of course the Marvel comics character but in this context it refers to Peter Fonda’s character, Wyatt, and also to his motorcycle which had the gas tank painted with an American flag design. Wyatt also wore a jacket with the flag on the back of it.  While Roberts Jr. didn’t copy the motif, the words “Easy Rider” are hidden up in the top left corner of the poster.



Billy (Dennis Hopper): “Hey, man. All we represent to them is somebody who needs a haircut.” George Hanson (Jack Nicholson): “Oh, no. What you represent to them is freedom.”


Want to watch the seminal motorcycle scene in the movie?  The clip is on our website here!



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