Allman Brothers - Orpheum Vancouver

Allman Brother poster 1996 by Mark Arminski Orpheum Theatre Vancouver

Mark Arminski


Allman Brothers - Orpheum Vancouver, 1996


First printing, lithograph, Mint


Framed: 27" tall x 15 3/8" wide





Frame at angle


Mark Arminski was born in 1950 in Detroit, Michigan and began studying art at the Oakland Community College and pursued printmaking in stone lithography at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. His first commissioned poster work was in the form of silk screens for Iggy Pop and the Smashing Pumpkins in the early 1990s. Arminski is notable for bridging the gap between the psychedelic art of the 1960s and the grunge aesthetic of the early 1990s, and he continues to have great influence among poster artists.



The Orpheum is a theatre and music venue in Vancouver and it is the permanent home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The Orpheum is located on Granville Street near Smithe Street in Vancouver's downtown core. Designed by Scottish architect Marcus Priteca, the theatre officially opened on November 8, 1927, as a vaudeville house and it was the biggest theatre in Canada when it opened, with three thousand seats.



The show was cancelled for some unknown reason but interestingly enough, the Beacon Theatre in New York City was almost the exact same size and built just 2 years after the Orpheum. So if you used to attend the legendary Allman Brothers residences at the Beacon (1996-2014), think of this eye-popping Orpheum poster as a close cousin!

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